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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Redemption Code?
A Redemption Code is a gift certificate which is exchanged on the FiOS Rewards website for gift cards from popular stores, theaters, restaurants and more.
What retailers can be selected?
Whether you're looking for a new flat screen TV or starting a new remodeling project, with over 60 retail gift card options, FiOS Rewards has the right gift cards for you! Visit the home page to view the wide variety of gift card retailers available.
What gift card denominations are available?
You may select from a variety of different retailers based on the value of your Redemption Code. You MUST spend the complete amount of your Redemption Code value at your time of order you may not return to the site at a later date to redeem a balance. Your Redemption Code can be redeemed for the following:

  • $25 Award Code: One $25 Card
  • $50 Award Code: One $50 Card or Two $25 Cards
  • $75 Award Code: One $50 and One $25 Card or Three $25 Cards
  • $100 Award Code: Two $50 Cards
  • $125 Award Code: One $100 Card and One $25 Card or Two $50 Cards and One $25 Card
  • $150 Award Code: One $100 Card and One $50 Card or Three $50 Cards
  • $175 Award Code: One $100 Card and One $50 Card and One $25 Card
  • $200 Award Code: Two $100 Cards
  • $225 Award Code: Two $100 Cards and One $25 Card
  • $250 Award Code: Two $100 Cards and One $50 Card
Where do I enter my Redemption Code?
Visit the FiOS Rewards home page and click on the gift card that fits your lifestyle! From there you will be directed to a new page where you can enter your Redemption Code and see your account balance.
How long will it take to receive my gift cards?
You will receive your gift cards in approximately 14 business days.
Does my Redemption Code expire?
Yes, your Redemption Code will expire in 90 days.
How will my gift cards be shipped?
Your gift cards will be sent USPS First class mail.
Am I responsible for shipping charges associated with my order?
No, you are not responsible for any shipping charges when placing an order on this site.
Can I use my Redemption Code in a merchant's store or on its website?
No. A Redemption Code must be redeemed on the FiOS Rewards website. You will then receive your merchant gift card, which you can then take into a store or use on its website depending on the merchant.
Can I return my gift cards?
No, please be sure to make your selections carefully as all transactions are final.
Do my gift cards expire?
No, gift cards do not expire, however please be aware that the Redemption Code to select your gift cards expires in 90 days. Please shop now for your rewards!
What if I lose my gift cards?
Each merchant has its own set of rules and regulations regarding lost and stolen gift cards. Please contact the respective retailer for a complete list of terms, conditions and usage instructions.
What email address will my gift card order confirmation come from?
The order confirmation email will be sent from
What if my gift cards do not arrive within 14 business days?
Please send an email inquiry to the email address on the Contact Us page and a customer service representative will assist you within 24 business hours.